Why Small and Medium Businesses Should Leverage Facebook Ads

Why Small and Medium Businesses Should Leverage Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a fantastic advertising method that should be used more often by small and medium businesses. The truth is, organic (unpaid) reach is getting harder on Facebook but paid Facebook advertisements will expand your reach beyond who just likes your business page and their friends, putting your brand in front of the faces of the people who may like it. This inexpensive option should be considered when aiming to bring brand awareness and increase sales.

The benefits of using Facebook ads are incredible. The biggest of these is the low cost. Facebook’s ads are incredibly cheap, especially when compared to other types of traditional advertising. Businesses can implement a Facebook ads strategy on a small budget. You can spend very little in testing different audiences before spending more. This is perfect for small businesses that do not have a lot in their advertising budget.

Facebook acquires a large amount of information about a user, including their likes and hobbies. You can use this information to your advantage by targeting a very specific group of people. For example, if you wanted to market small dog grooming services, you can target people based on their location and their love for poodles, Shih Tzus, and other dog breeds. You can get more specific than that even by choosing the age, sex, career, and more if you so desired. If some details are not working for you, you can change the variables to see if there is a different response. It’s that easy. This can’t be achieved by traditional sources like billboards and newspaper ads. There is a lack of control of who gets exposed to your ad using those methods, not to mention it can set you back hundreds, even thousands.

It can be hard to determine ROI with Facebook ads, but there are other metrics to take into consideration. This includes impressions and reach, which can assist in determining brand awareness. Likes, shares, and comments show engagement and click through rates and new “likes” show how many people may be interested in the brand. These insights aren’t something you normally get with traditional methods of advertising either!

Facebook ads do not always work for everyone, but thankfully they are so low in cost that it is possible to give it a go, and small and medium businesses are encouraged to do so. It is an affordable way to bring brand awareness to a business’s target consumer.

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