Retargeting: The Magic Ad That Recovers People Who Did Not Buy From Your Website

Retargeting: The Magic Ad That Recovers People Who Did Not Buy From Your Website

Stop Leaving Money On the Table in Your Advertising!

If you are doing any marketing for your business, you will likely be trying to your target audience to take action immediately by calling your business right now or sending them to a website to more information before making their purchase. These days, the vast majority of people are going to want to go online to get more information.

The problem is, most are not going to buy the first time they come to your website. The vast majority will not be ready to buy right then and there. Some will strictly be in “information gathering mode” looking towards a potential purchase in the future. Others might be taking a look at your site in the context of checking out all the competitors. And even those that are ready to buy can get interrupted at the moment, forgetting to complete the transaction later.

While most of these visitors have not bought on the first visit, they represent the most significant low hanging fruit regarding your ability to turn them into a paying customer (aside from previous customers). You know they are interested in what you are offering, and they have become familiar with your brand. You could be spending thousands of dollars a month in various forms of paid advertising (coupon books, pay per click, search engine optimization, etc.), but if you are not doing something to follow up with these people, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

How To Recapture the First Time Visitor

The most important thing you can do to convert these visitors to customers is to try to immediately entice them to trade something of value for their email or phone number so you can directly market to them in the future at practically no cost. However, that is a subject for another article, and even if you present a remarkable offer to get people to sign up for your mailing list, you are probably still going to lose between 50-80% of the visitors.

So what can you do with these potential customers? The answer is to retarget them.

Have you ever been to a website and then noticed that the same ad follows you all over the place? Maybe you have looked at a teeshirt on, and then you see a picture of the exact shirt you were looking at while doing a search on Google or browsing Facebook. If you find this happening to you, then you have been retargeted.

How Does Retargeting Work?

A website owner places a piece of computer code at the top of a website that loads anytime someone hits the page. This code creates a cookie identifying that particular user in the browser and reports the activity back to the marketing platform. For example, if a website places Google cookies in your browser, and then you go to Google to look for something else, if the advertiser is running an ad in Google, he can ask Google to advertise to you anytime they recognize that cookie that your site placed in their browser. This is a very common practice by a lot of display advertising networks.

Now people can change their browser settings or use plugins such as Disconnect to prevent advertisers from targeting them. However, the vast majority of people do not do so, as some of these settings and tools can interfere with regular websites they want to use.

Why Is Retargeting the Most Effective Paid Ad You Can Buy?

First, you are reminding them about products they were already looking to purchase. If that person was about to purchase something and forgot it, you can place the same product in front of them to remind them to go click the “buy” button. Or if someone was researching products for a purchase they were planning to make in 60 days, the ad can pop up two months later, potentially right when they want to make a purchase.

More importantly, you are building brand recognition each time you run a retargeting ad. The first time someone comes to your website, they might have never heard of your business. However, seeing one or more advertisements over the course of several months re-inforces familiarity with your brand. And with familiarity comes a higher chance of someone trusting your company name. If someone does not realize what you are doing when being retargeted and you do a large enough campaign, they even might get the impression that you have a much more significant advertising budget than you do because they think that you are advertising to everyone everywhere!

But the most critical reason that retargeting gets the highest return on investment of any paid display ad is the fact that you are only showing the ad to people who are likely to be interested in your products. They took the time to look at your page, which is something you cannot say to everyone you are trying to reach in television, direct mail, or even Facebook interest-targeted ads. Thus you are going to get a much higher click-through rate, which is one of the most critical factors in determining advertising costs since in almost all advertising you are paying per impression. A platform might charge “per click,” but they are going to jack up the price per click if no one is clicking through on your ad as it is the per impression return that makes all these display companies money. If you cut out all the people who have shown no interest at all in your product, your profits go up markedly.

So basically, if you are spending any money on advertising and are not spending any money on retargeting those visitors you paid a lot of money to get, you might as well be throwing money away.

Remember, any advertising that is bringing in a substantially positive return is not costing more money, it is making you money! How many times would you give me $1 in exchange for $5? Would you limit it to $10 because that is what you have in your budget? The reason businesses often put rigid budgets around advertising is that they have no idea around what their marketing is bringing in. But with remarketing, you literally know exactly what the ads are bringing in because they can be trackable if set up correctly. Expanding your investment in processes that are proven to generate the highest returns is how you rapidly grow your business.

Where To Retarget? Facebook!

Well, there are many different retargeting platforms. You can go directly to Google or Facebook, or you can use one of several display networks such as AdRoll or Perfect Audience to reach broader audiences.

For most businesses, Facebook is where they should start. The first reason is that Facebook retargeting tends to be a lot cheaper than that available from other networks. The second reason is that Facebook targeting also happens to be the most exact of any ad platform out there. This is because people tell Facebook all sorts of things such as where they live and what their interests are. Facebook also actively goes out there and tries to actively match a person’s name to third-party data that most people do not even know exists! This matching process is the principal reason why they want everyone using their real names on the platform. Want to advertise to people who purchased a Honda in the last three months, even if they never told anyone on Facebook? Well, no problem because Facebook knows through these third-party data providers!

Now, you might be asking, “Why is it necessary to target retargeting ads? Isn’t the point that these people are already interested in your site?” Well, you can retarget just based on the fact they visited your page and get incredible results from that. However, sometimes you can get even better results from narrowing down results further. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that you are promoting your site through search engine optimization (getting your site to the top of Google when someone types in a search such as “plastic surgeon Virginia Beach”). Well, a lot of times competitors are going to hire a consulting company like ours to come in and look at your website to see how you are ranking and what you are doing to differentiate yourself from the competition. If you retargeted to everyone, then you will be retargeting to this person, even though he probably does not even live in the area. However, by filtering by geography or using more sophisticated filters, you have the flexibility to target your ad more precisely and getting even better returns from your ad.

One other bonus of using Facebook ads is you can set up lookalike audiences from your visitors. Because Facebook has all this data on people, it can go through all the visitors to your website and look for commonalities between them. It can then create a much broader audience that shares the common traits they identify with your visitors. You can then expand your marketing beyond retargeting, hitting these lookalike audiences with your ad in an attempt to get even more people to your website.

Note that once you are comfortable with the ROIs generated with Facebook retargeting ads, you can then expand to other retargeting networks to broaden your reach.

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How Do I Start Retargeting?

The first thing you are going to want to do is set up the retargeting code for one or more networks on your website. This can be complicated depending on the website design and what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you are an e-commerce site and using Facebook, you are going to want to place different pieces of code on your checkout, shopping cart, and product pages. This is because each of these types of visitors need to receive a different advertising message and will need to be reported to the ad platform as being at a different stage in the conversion process so you can track how well your ad is doing.

For example, you do not necessarily want to be advertising buy this widget to someone who has just purchased that widget. This rationale is why you need to create different “Custom Audiences” and “Conversion Actions” for each relevant group of people and page.

There are a lot of other factors you need to consider such as how many people you need before you can retarget them, how best to create lookalike audiences from retargeted audiences, writing compelling ad copy, budgeting the right ad spend for your audience, etc., that is beyond the scope of this article. For most business owners that value their time, it is best to get someone who has experience doing these types of ads to set up retargeting for their website.

To stop losing customers that are already visiting your website and to benefit from the highest return-on-investment paid advertising that exists, you need to set up retargeting for your site right now before the next potential customer falls through the cracks. Click below for a free consultation with us on how to do that below!

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